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What Is Sentiment?

How did someone mention an AI tag? Positively or negatively?

In surveys, people will often give a reason for a certain rating or score.

Let's look at this example:

"Paying was so quick and simple, didn't have to fill out too many details. However, I didn't receive any confirmation email"

Here, the customer spoke about the "Ease Of Payment" and their "Email Updates". However, they felt quite differently about these two parts of their experience.

"Ease Of Payment" was spoken about positively, as it was quick and simple. Here, we would assign positive sentiment to the AI tag of "Ease Of Payment". In the dashboard, this would be shown as a green tag.

"Email Updates" was spoken about negatively, because they didn't get one. Here, we would assign negative sentiment to the AI tag of "Email Updates". In the dashboard, this would be shown as a red tag.

Sentiment only appears in survey responses, like NPS or CSAT. In support conversations, we are mainly looking for problems, and customer requests, so sentiment is less important and less informative - that's why the colour of AI tags in support tickets is blue (there is no sentiment).