What is automatic tagging?

Using AI, and specifically SentiSum Tags, incoming tickets can be automatically tagged as they appear in your help desk to identify reason for contact, prioritisation needs, and delegation.

How does automatic tagging appear in your help desk?

  • SentiSum Tags will appear alongside your usual ticket fields. They can either appear just in your default 'tags' field, or we can create a custom field to separate SentiSum Tags from your usual tags.

  • SentiSum Tags will only be applied to tickets that are classified as 'new'.

  • They will be applied to any customer message that comes in while the ticket is classified as 'new'.

Different uses

  • Bring your SentiSum Tags into your usual support reporting within the help desk. E.g. use Zendesk Explore to report on certain ticket volume.

  • Automatically prioritise tickets through sentiment or SentiSum Tag.

  • Automatically delegate tickets based on tier or SentiSum Tag.

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