When zeroing in on the data you want to analyse, you need flexible filters. Here's a guide on how to use your filters in SentiSum. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Adding a Filter

First, you need to add what kind of filter you would like:

Then, you can select a value, or multiple, from the dropdown. If you select multiple values in this dropdown, it will look for tickets/responses that have either 'value 1' OR 'value 2':

Once you've added a filter, you can delete it, add another filter, or save the filters as a view:


When adding multiple filters as you see below, the filters will return All Conversations Where Zendesk tickets have a CSAT Rating of Bad AND have SentiSum Tags of Support Responsiveness OR Request A Call Back:

With these filters, you can unlock many combinations:

  • You can now filter for a specific Ticket or Response ID

  • You can filter on tickets or responses that have two specific SentiSum Tags e.g. all tickets that are tagged with Cancel Subscription AND Incorrectly Charged

  • You can create team views where you include SentiSum Tags relevant to a team

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