When tackling bad CSAT, it's important to get to the root cause. This is where support tickets can be useful in finding out exactly what went wrong for the customer.

Zero in on 'bad' CSAT

Using your Support dashboard, you can filter on poor CSAT ratings as shown below:

Bad CSAT Trends In Tickets

You can then use Summary to understand support ticket trends that led to bad CSAT ratings. For example, you may find there was an increase in 'bad' CSAT tickets that mentioned Discount Not Working.

Discover - Going Into Specific Reasons And Tickets

Going into Discover, you can then view the conversations that led to bad CSAT ratings, and flick through the most common AI tags associated with bad CSAT, like Delivery issues.

Specific Segments Of Customers

Some customers can be more valuable than others; they can be more loyal, or have higher AOVs. Isolating those customers who are more valuable AND have given a bad CSAT rating may require further follow-up and investigation. You can isolate these tickets by selecting specific tags that represent important customers and poor CSAT ratings.

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