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Daily Habits For Voice Of The Customer

Tips + Tricks From Successful Users

Those who embed time for daily customer learning end up being the most successful in their use of SentiSum.

However, this can be difficult to achieve at first, so here are a few key steps for you and your team to try out:

Set daily goals for understanding the customer and assign an owner for each goal

Do you want to pick up on really negative comments and respond? Just look long enough to make sure there's nothing critical to take care of? Or, read every comment about packaging so you can stay informed on the current customer experience?

Knowing what you want from your conversations and surveys will help you assign the right people for the task and know that the time is well spent.

Try out our daily digests

Everyone sometimes needs a nudge to complete these daily tasks. Relevant email updates sent to your inbox can help act as a reminder to check in with your data. They are sent at 9am (UK time) as we find early mornings is a popular time to check in with yesterday's data.

Stay close to the conversations with Discover

On a daily basis, it is good to see if there have been any overarching trends from the Summary and daily digests. However, spending a few minutes in Discover means you can view your latest conversations first, and quickly flick through the latest conversations for specific AI tags. You can star conversations of particular concern or interest to come back to later and action them appropriately.

This has helped other successful users to action very specific problems quickly, rather than always waiting to find a more volume-based, meaningful trend in support or survey data.